Miami detective Adam Rodriguez girlfriend

Adam Rodriguez (New York, April 2, 1975) is an American actor, descendant of Puerto Rican and Cuban. It is one of the actors in the cast of the hit series CSI: MIAMI, interpreting the expert / swimmer Eric Delko. Due to its cuteness ever, and especially this season, now passionate about great friend Calleigh Duquesne, another expert, he Epor Niver have done recently, enjoy a festival of his own! But who is Adam Rodriguez girlfriend?


Adam Rodriguez girlfriend


Because both girls ask about marital status boy, there goes what little I found. Adam has a thing for Latinas. He was married for a year (2007/2008) with former Adam Rodriguez girlfriend Alexandra Cheron (25 years, daughter of the ambassador of the Dominican Republic in the U.S.), an actress who was in “Miami Vice” (2007) will be the new “Fast and Furious” in 2009.



Adam Rodriguez girlfriend gossip


According to a website that talks about the relationships of celebrities, Adam Rodriguez girlfriend Ciarra be dating Adam Prado (29 years, producer).

But, however, however, however, however … if there is any chance that news was wrong and Adam walking this single out there … I found some attributes that a girl has to have to earn it. You want to know? Want it?

So here goes:

  • Adam Rodriguez girlfriend who smile a lot, have a good mood, that makes you laugh and feel good
  • He does not deny that he likes physical attributes that are really important, but of course, cares intelligence also.
  • Mysterious girlfriend, which can leave you puzzled.
  • He love good cooking, you know what hard work is, has ambitions and passion for what he does, you can conquer the cat. That is not too hard to accomplish, especially if you really want to be Adam Rodriguez girlfriend.