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Colin Farrel is one of the most appreciated actors from Hollywood and his charming alura didn’t left unnoticed many high-profile celebraties who dated him in the past. However, the attractive actor has confessed many times to be single and simply searching for nothing else in his Colin Farrell girlfriend than kidness in a woman, the affection seems to more important than looks as the actor honestly liked to admit.

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Colin Farrell girlfriend have been in the past with Alicja Bachelanda Curus, Emma Forest, Lake Bell, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Narain, Demi Moore, Salma Hayek and many other known in the celebrity world. His relationship past has been many times kind of tormented by alchool, one 6 months marriage and many breaks up in the past. The Irish actor hasn’t been seen dating anyone as Colin Farrell girlfriend for more than one year and any kind of possible relationship was not in the public eye in this year. He admits not having any trouble of not having the Colin Farrell girlfriend even though perhaphs many beautiful women would enjoy his company for sure.

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However the circumstances, the actor has been seen with a misterous woman while promoting his last film Dead Man Down. The Colin Farrell girlfriend was seen during an afternoon chatting and hugging him warmly. The actor seemed to enjoy her very much also, however not many have been know about the new Colin Farrell girlfriend or perhaps a very close friend. His lovely lady was around the actor for several times reluctant of the public eye, discussing closely at a coffe break between the shooting of the movie and when promoting his movie. However the situation, his new love should accept also the zen new life style the actor has choosen. Perhaps his single choosen life was after dating so many women as he was known as a bit of a playboy in the past.


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He declared his monogamy few times and that he prefferes a stable affectionate relationship with the Colin Farrell girlfriend rather than jumping from one girl to another. It seems that the admirated Irish actor has learned many aspects of his past and he is more like a passionate man than an adventurer with the possible. One thing we know for sure than even though the new Colin Farrell girlfriend  will perhaps not be in the public eye, he is a more mature man than in the past dating so many women.

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