Gerard Butler girlfriend Priyanka Chopra

Many have been wondering who is Gerard Butler girlfriend and were eager to find out who is he dating now after splitting the beautiful indian Priyanka Chopra. The ex Gerard Butler girlfriend is also a well known Bollywood actress and the couple which were back then seemed to have met and enjoyed the Dubai areas most of their times togheter.


Gerard Butler girlfriend


However these circumstances, they are no longer a pair and the charming Hollywood actor has been dating for a long while the beautiful super model Madalina Ghenea. He has been dating many amazingly beautiful and sexy women, however the Gerard Butler girlfriend which he is now dating seems to have more strong commitments with the actor as he advised is more relaxed and peaceful since dating Madalina Ghenea and rumours have been spread about marriage between the two.



Gerard Butler girlfriend Madalina


The Gerard Butler girlfriend is a stylish super model, choosing her dresses in the monden events quite modest but in the same time chic and elegant. His women seems to most of the time fit the styles with the actor and her vibrant smile left a charming effect on the actor. In most of the public events being seen toghether, she doesn’t seem to loose the eye from the actor which is understandable as he is quite an attractive man. Mandalina and the actor have become inseparable for almost a year and it seems he finally settled down. Even though there is a difference in age between the two, the Gerard Butler girlfriend having 24 years old and Gerald in his late 40’s, they seem both younger than ever and most of the times in the party spirit.

Gerard Butler movies Gerard Butler girlfriend Madalina Ghenea


The Gerard Butler girlfriend has been dating in the past many celebrity women but the relationship with Madalina seems to be lasting yet and there were rumours to move from Italy to Scotland with the Gerard’s family for different celebrations but not only. In the last event on which they have been seen toghether with Gerard Butler girlfriend, he has promoted his new film Playing for Keeps which hitted the cinema on the New Year’s Eve last year. We hope to find more about the relationship of super model Madalina with the charming scotish actor and that the rumours about their marriage be a good peaceful accomplisment for them.


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