Revealed Jonathan Rhys Meyers Girlfriend

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was found Tuesday afternoon on the floor of his London home by health services. It is unknown who warned them and what happened to the young actor, but everything points to an overdose of pills, as published by ‘The Sun’.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers Girlfriend


His course and tragic suicide attempt was frantic moments when he refused to be treated. After half an hour, the paramedics decided to call the police to intervene. So, was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Where was Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend?



Rumours about Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend


Scotland Yard has confirmed that “officers were called by the London Ambulance Service after the patient refused treatment.” Earlier on Wednesday was discharged. He was asked by ‘The Sun’ on their status, with red eyes, merely replied: “No comment.”


Jonathan Rhys Meyers dating


Earlier this month Rhys Meyers checked into a rehabilitation center five stars in South Africa (it was the fifth time I passed a similar center to try to cure his addiction to alcohol). Apparently, their drinking problems date back to 2007, when he had to be after the death of his mother. A few months later he was arrested at Dublin airport for breaching the peace and being drunk. As if this were not enough, it is rumored that Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend, Reena Hammer, had left him.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers Career


The career of Jonathan Rhys Meyer Neil Jordan soared when he was elected to the eminent role of murderer Michael Collins.



Quite a challenge for an Irishman, because Collins was the father of the nation. The next giant step gave Velvet Goldmine, where with an androgynous look awkwardly claimed all that metro sexual styling revisits the Seventies glam. He even sung a few tunes on the soundtrack. It seems that there is no Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend for now.