Victoria Secret model diet

Victoria Secret is an admired sexy top model whom many admire for her skinny and confident look. No wonder many women want to know her secrets about her fitness diet and try to have a similar body to hers. So how can you get the same results while following the Victoria Secret model diet?

Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr

Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr

Victoria Secret model diet plan for perfect body


Is no secret enough that the clean and healthy food is a must in every diet? In one of her interview, she confessed that she regularly watches her calories and doesn’t eat anything after 8 pm. The Victoria Secret model diet uses the Fat Secret to count how many calories were consumed and how many were burned during a day.

The Victoria Secret model diet includes a realistic plan, this means that you don’t have to refrain completely from the food containing high calories but instead  eat everything in small portions and very slowly. This keeps a balanced diet and it doesn’t feel like something very heavy to achieve. The apples, the egg whites, the lean meat, nuts or rice are some of the ingredients recommended when keeping a Victoria Secret model diet.

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Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle

One of the Victoria Secret model diet advises is to keep a healthy life, sleep well, no less than 7-8 hours a night, drink lots of water and work out daily. Eating lots of protein can be good for your body, recommended for the Victoria Secret model diet, especially if you have a fast metabolism. The boiled or mashed potatoes can help you to keep your weight after an intense workout but gives you also lots of energy for the entire day. The Victoria Secret model diet includes as well salmon and lots of vegetables.


Be consistent and motivated for success


Being consistent and motivated with the workout routine is something that everybody should keep in mind as a rule to Victoria Secret model diet. Being fit, healthy, toned and sexy is something to celebrate, so eat good and healthy food and your dream to look as slim as Victoria Secret will be something worth achieving it daily.

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